How Would You Like to Run the 100m Dash in Under 10 seconds?

Unfortunately I can't promise you that...but what I can promise you are the same exact workouts that I used to coach myself to a 9.9 in the 100m dash.  

Hi. I'm Marcus Brunson, and in one fashion or another, I've been in the speed enhancement industry my entire adult life.  

Formerly as a world-class 100m sprinter and currently as a world-class speed coach. 

As an athlete, I seen a lot of highs and lows during my track career...I've won big races and ran some of the fastest times in the world.  But I have also had  crushing defeats and fought off my fair share of injuries.  

As a speed coach, I've worked with hundreds of athletes helping them to run faster and with better form.  I've worked with every type of athlete: every sport, age, gender, and talent level.

I've worked with first-time athletes and I've worked athletes that were drafted in the first round; I've worked with athletes that won state titles and I've also worked with athletes that just wanted to make the team!  

And through my experiences as an athlete, an athlete that coached himself and a coach,  I've been able to develop a safe and effective method for enhancing one's speed.  

The training principles that I developed over my career are the same ones that I successfully utilize with the athletes I work with today. This comprehensive 253-page report is an example of those training methods and principles.  

How to Run a Fast 100 is a behind the scenes look at all of the speed and strength workouts that I used to run a legal sub-10 second 100m dash. 

I can assure you that there aren't many publications out there like this one! 

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How to Run a Fast 100:  How I Coached Myself to a 9.9 in the 100m Dash ($1.00 FB Social Discount)

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A complete 9-month speed developing speed program from fall conditioning to the competitive season

Here's a preview of what you'll get in this "one-of-a-kind" report:

The same training that I used to run a 6.55 in the 60m dash and a 9.99 in the 100m dash

And a great tool for your speed development toolbox…

A behind-the-scenes look at how a pro sprinter trains

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How to Run a Fast 100

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